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24 de Febrero
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Another great Festival International de Jazz de Montreal in 2017

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fijm2017 invite ouvertureFor the festival's official opening, Jacques-André Dupont was very proud to announce that for the first time, the FIJM would exceed the tax revenues generated by those of the F1. As per usual, the guests of honor came to praise the merits of such a great festival. Minister Marc Garnaud said he was delighted with the high quality of indoor and outdoor shows. He also mentioned that when he was in a space, he brought jazz music to relax. The representative of the city of Montréal felt proud to know that so many tourists will come to take part in this event.

One of the greatest outdoor shows was one of Valaire who made the crowd vibrate in front of the great stage Rio Tinto. At the Club Jazz Casino, the Montreal Dixie group has also given the rhythm to the crowd. The indoor shows were also greatly appreciated. We have to think about the Harlem Gospel Choir has who blew the crowd away in the Maisonneuve theater, the great SOMI with her African and Jazz influence, and our Québécois cherished Bobbi Bazini.


fijm2017 montreal dixie

A night with Bobby Buzini and Jack Broadbent

A delightful night of an unexpected and reviving display of artistic dexterity by two musicians that impregnated our hearts.

fijm2017 jack broadbent"No rest for the wicked" - Jack Broadbent is labeled as "The new master of the slide guitar" by the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), his talent has gained international acclamation. Selling out tickets from New Zealand to Japan, this passionate blues prodigy has opened for legendary artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Hallyday, Robben Ford, and Tony Joe White. Yesterday his guitar pierced the walls of La Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, providing an unexpected but passionate performance as the opening show for Bobby Bazini.

There was no rest for the attendees of the show. Jack, alongside his father, sparkled up the mood, leaving the audience triggered for Bobby.  No one expected such a brilliant start. The English composer wore in a red suit, long hair, beard, and his guitars. Thanking us for the warm welcome, he settled the tone before opening up his soul in blues. More than a performance was a humble conversation of love, dreams, memories and the excitement of being alive. We got to knew Jack's heart, through the fluency of his music and the love for his father. His fingers paddled every string, erupting riffs and words that cut out their way to our insides. A strange sensation of familiarity begun to brew inside of his public, as if we knew him long ago. Now we do and it would be hard to forget him.


An impeccable demonstration of dexterity and passion confused the crowd, many surely thought,

for a moment, that Jack Broadbent was the main event.


fijm2017 bobby bazini"Where I belong"
People sitting in expectation, waiting patiently for the show to begin. One could hear that the word "Finalment" echoed around the theatre when the lights fade out. The crowd was eager to have more, the opening left everyone on the brink of their seats. And then he showed up. The acclaimed Bobby Bazini. Enthusiastic applauses received him in fervor. Without hesitation, he delivered what his people were craving for. A fragrant musical performance engulfed by his mastery of the scenario, and an unquestionable devotion to his fans.

Violins, Chelos, Drums, Keyboards, Strings, lights and his voice concocted a magical night. A formidable demonstration of stamina toured around his most famous tunes, and the ones he treasured. From Better in Time we made some stops at Where I Belong, and then we sang together Summer is Gone. An intense exhibit of talent, dedication, and commitment. It was a refreshing reminder that even in current times, where standardization deformed some forms of music, special tunes still dwell in hard work, inspiration, and a natural voice that comes from the heart.

It is not difficult to understand why his two first albums sold a vast number of copies in Quebec. Despite his preference for using the language of Marvin Gaye in his songs, francophone Quebecers, acknowledge him by singing out loud all his tunes. A vivid demonstration that music is the universal language that thrust even idiomatic barriers.
Undoubtedly, it was one of the best performances in the entire festival.


fijm2017 arturo sandovalThe unexpected Jazz Cubano - On July 5th ,the Théâtre Maisonneuve, held for a couple of hours an exquisite demonstration of Afro-Cuban Jazz and the genius of Arturo Sandoval.  

Janet Bunnet, the multiple Juno Award winner and renowned saxophonist, entered the scenario in the good company of the six beautiful women from Maqueque, to open the show. Mélissa Lavergne, the fine and applauded percussionist from Montreal, was replacing one of the original band members. The show began by tossing delicate movements into the air, giving the audience an appetizer of what they had in store for us. A calm tour through occasional high beats hypnotized our senses and submerged us into a deep nebula of Afro-Cuban sounds. The music made sense, the instruments seemed to know each other's acquaintances for a long time, discussing with one another, while we were in the front seat witnessing their glamorous conversation. The hidden fire started to rise as the riffs made their appearance. Vibrating solos sealed an impressive display of devotion to a well-respected genre that needs more exposure.

El Genio

Arturo Sandoval's performance was not as mellow as a Cuban Mojito, but more of a strong-shaken Daiquiri. The trumpet virtuoso included laughs, reflection, nostalgia, criticism, bebop, and a demonstration of his acclaimed talent. Scolding the FIJM (Festival International de Jazz de Montréal) for not handed him an invitation for the last fourteen years, was the first sign of an unusual soiree. "You never know with the trumpet; you'll never know what's going to happen" claimed Arturo, before expressing his disdain for the instrument and long-time companion: "I hate you!". One thing we learned is that you will never know with Arturo, and that made his presentation a unique experience for his fans and observers. The show engulfed an eruption of Cuban-jazz, those who were unaware of his fame, understood why the name sounded familiar. Stirring the riffs and shaking Le Théâtre Maisonneuve, Arturo and his accomplished musicians squeezed out more than applauses, "¡Te amo Arturo!" (I love you, Arturo!), a cry that spoke for everyone present.

The vivacious Cuban-American performer took some time off and stepped down from his pedestal to mingle. He took a moment to reflect upon the brain-numbness caused by an overexposure to today's flawed television-programming. Taking the steward, he commanded, with meticulous precision, to turn-off the "tube" for one night, and instead download the lyrics of the song he was prompt to perform. And listen to it exactly three times.  The promise? A guaranteed long night of full and deep rest. Dubious eyes posed on him waiting for the revelation. There was silence and mumbling before the loud speakers cry out: "Smile, though your heart is aching...Smile, even though it's breaking" Applauses and whistles accompanied the melody. It was the legendary song composed by Charlie Chaplin and played using Nat King Cole's inspiration. A delightful moment for the connoisseurs.

fijm2017 janet bunnett

The night continued, the humor ebbed, and the complexity of the swing stole the show through the acute voice of the "infamous" trumpet. Arturo's skillfulness thrust through the skepticism, delivering a true demonstration that his talent is not intact but in continuing evolution.

It was an invigorating night of jazz variations. Where the unexpected reign alongside the improvisation. It would be against the rules of the genre to offer a predictable spectacle. Arturo Sandoval's genius is a combination of dexterity, and dynamism in his performance.  

fijm2017 album somi 1 Somi, The Other Black in Harlem

Wednesday, July 5th was Somi's first concert in Montreal showcasing her new album " Petite Afrique ". This new album was released last March on Okeh records, which was influenced by various aspects of her life. Hence, growing up a black woman in Harlem, New York, experiencing Uganda as a grown woman for two years, and the impact that Nina Simone has had in her every day life. All of this is expressed through out her whole album performance, which was very exhilarating. Somi's energy and raw emotions was enough for the crowd to feel her reality. From making us cry to making us laugh and dance, Somi really delivered an unforgettable show.




fijm2017 harlem gospel choir Harlem Gospel Choir

The world famous Harlem Gospel Choir was in town for the Montreal Jazz Festival and brought us to church! The performance was full of life, spirit, soul and energy that would get any crowd out of their seat. The show was held at the legendary " Théâtre Maisonneuve ", which only added more to the experience. The group holds such an immense amount of talent that each vocal singer would give us shivers and make us feel it deep down in our souls. The group composed of 65 members has been touring the globe for the past 15 years and still makes it feel brand new.






fijm2017 conf bilan

In a press conference, the three artisans of the festival, Jacques-André Dupont, André Ménard and Laurent Saulnier, confirmed that all their objectives in terms of crowds, ticket sales and budget have all been achieved.

Among the major successes of this edition, a new project " The Hirondelles " who has been inspired by our desire to enhance the security and well-being of festival fans and all those who may feel a sense of vulnerability during our events.

André and Laurent have both set their heart of the festival, among other things with the return of the band UZEB and the major shows in place of the festival.

So we have an appointment next year for another thrilling festival that will be held
from 28 June to 7 July 2018 for the 39e.

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