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24 de Febrero
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Prince Edward Island: More than a Touristic Place

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Located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on the east coast of Canada, limiting at the north with Halifax and Nova Scotia is sacredly preserved one of the most beloved provinces of the country. Prince Edward Island (PEI) is known as the smallest piece of land amongst its pairs, a label that is proudly worn by its inhabitants. The key is time. The fast pace of living in big urban clusters tend to wear off the amount of leisure-time available to enjoy a healthy and balanced life. Along 150 miles of the untouched landscapes, walking trails, unique red soil, and rolling hills there is an ambitious fast-growing economy and one of the best cost-effective locations to operate businesses in North America.






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The island life

One thing that 140,750 people can agree on is that living in Prince Edward Island allows you to find a healthy balance between productivity and leisure-time. Giving the state-of-the-art transportation systems and the few miles to cover, people would tend to invest their time in more productive activates than struggling in traffic. With these extra gaps in your routine, you are welcome to join locals in strolling through untouched landscapes, adventuring into the countryside, experiencing eco-tourism and enjoying cultural events in local communities around the island. Famous for producing 25% of Canada's potatoes, cooking internationally awarded lobsters and housing the best golf academy of the country, no one can deny that diversity is at every corner of the province. Talking about diversity, while English is the predominant language within 93% of the population, an array of cultures, religions, and ethics happily coexists within the natural beauty of PEI. Anyone will feel at home.



ile p rince edward beach 2Small but mighty

Within beaches and ocean views, industries are expanding ferociously inside and outside the island. A thriving aerospace research and development accounts for the 25% of Canada's exports, making the third most important industry in the province. For the adventurers looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, Prince Edward Island is considered to be one of the best cost-effective locations to operate businesses in North America. A huge offer of workforce infrastructure, tax credits opportunities, industrial parks and training programs set the ground to grow and nurture driving business plans.

A fast-growing province is open for the taking. Young and bold adventurers are welcome to plan their life from another perspective. Adventure-seekers will be rewarded with profitable industries in current exponential growth, career opportunities, affordable housing, and a slow-paced life that will allow investing in yourself. Everything clustered within the natural majestic of PEI's natural landscape.  

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ile prince edward lennie gallant 2The Francophone community

The Acadian and francophone community of PEI welcomes tourists and locals every year in their island for an important celebration: Acadian National Day. On 15 August every year is the occasion to celebrate cultures across the province in the context of Acadian National Day. This year, the 413th edition was also the opportunity to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, thanks to Canada 150 Fund, who financed the event.  Music, food, family activities and carnival shows were present for islanders and tourists and the activities were bilingual.





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