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24 de Febrero
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Short animated film "Signs": Reality versus Dream

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short film signs photo 1According to Harvard Medical School about 5% of couples living in the developed world, experience primary infertility. Experts think that the origins may have physical or even psychological origins. The typical reactions of individuals who learn they are infertile include shock, depression, anger and frustrations and a sense of control over one's destiny.

The story created by the young director Talia Sabato is about "Yaffa",  a 50 year-old widow who finds out one day that she has something growing in her belly.  In the past, she could not become pregnant and always dreamt the same: being pregnant but the dream finishes when she is bleeding.  But what she discovers surprised her, her doctor informs her she has a big tumor and a cancer with metastases, he also tells her the hard and long procedure to treat it, he recommends not to smoke and eat healthy.  After this speech, Yaffa is confronted between her dreams and reality.

The 6-minute animation film uses simplicity to transmit the message of the story. The camera follows the main character "Yaffa" inviting the spectator to follow Yaffa and discover her daily life. The colours used are soft and calming according to the events occurring in the film.  The narrator's voice that tells the story in Hebrew (with subtitles in English) is clear and communicates well using good vocal variety.  The dialogues introduced between Yaffa and her neighbour and the doctor enriches the story. I enjoyed the representation of the doctor designed with a big body and small head, irradiating power and strictness.

short film signs photo 4Congratulations to the young director (24) Talia Sabato for her openness to incorporate humor in a short film which has some tragedy.  Furthermore, the way the young director twisted the bad news in the story introducing some humour and excitement alive in every scene is effective. Her creativity reinforces and enhances the story of her film. The final scene where we see Yaffa smoking in bed thinking perhaps about her dreams coming true was well thought and turns the story to be tender and loving at the end.

The music and sound, I felt that the natural sounds of the daily life of Yaffa were good, however the music can be stronger when the strong scenes demand for it. I encourage Talia to continue making more movies and perhaps a film about Yaffa's life.

About the Director - Talia Sabato was born and raised in Bet El (near Jerusalem). She began her education at the department of film and animation at Sapir Academic College which she completed last year.  She also is engaged with various artistic fields including painting, writing and sculpting.  She is currently residing in Jerusalem and working as an art teacher in "Beit Feuerstein", a hostel for adults with special needs.

While brainstorming to write the script of her short film, Talia said that two years ago one professor gave her a simple insight that stuck with throughout the making of her film: "Talia don't take life so seriously".  Talia drew herself "Yaffa" the main character as she felt that as the character was originated inside her, this task belonged to her.  She went out on the streets trying to find her "Yaffa".


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"Signs" have recently participated in the Encounters international film festival held in Bristol

which is the UK's leading short film and animation festival.

The distribution of the film is handled by Costanza Films Distribution. To learn more about this film, please visit the following webpage:



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